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Weekend Roundup

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Emperors, Conquerors, and Saints

Who was Cleopatra's Daughter?

Does Marcus Matter?

Happy Holidays

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Seamus Heaney

The Secret Code of Christianity

Early Christianity

Io Saturnalia!

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Xerxes the Great

The Two Sides of Jesus?

The Two Sides of Jesus: As Seen in the Accepted & Rejected Gospels

What is the WORD? How can we understand Logos?

Last Call for Classical Gifts

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Links Fixed... I hope?

Ancient Greek Astronomy

Upcoming Events

Magnus Maximus: The Neglected Roman Emperor

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Is Subjective Equal to Objective?

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How to Handle Financial Worries - Just in Time for the Holidays

The Death of Literary Fiction.... And its Resurrection?

The Female Alexander the Great?

What is the “Mind”?

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Classics Friday

The Cyclops

A Virgilian Thanksgiving

Pericles’ Funeral Oration: Why Study It?

The Peloponnesian War

Introducing....Classical Wisdom Books!

What Government Governs Best?

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Musings on Plato's Symposium

Should Death Concern Us?

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Secrets of the Sirens

Always Change for Love?

The Symposium by Plato

Seneca On Clemency

Weekend Roundup

Caligula's Forgotten Legacy

Who Was Julian?

Scariest Monsters from Ancient Mythology?

Monsters and Myths

How Should We Treat Our Enemies?

Weekend Roundup

Winged Victory

[Video] The Story of Thebes

Have We Become Anti-Human?

Weekend Roundup

The Mystery of Morpheus

Tiberius: Was he always a monster... or was he made one?

Tiberius: Classical Wisdom Litterae

Can We Be Humane In the Face of Horror?

Weekend Roundup

The Roman Socrates

Brothers At War

How Can We Separate History from Myth?

Weekend Roundup

Respect the Spartan Woman!

Roundtable Discussion with Alexandra Hudson

Who were the First Philosophers, Theologians, Poets, & Apologists for the Christian Faith?

The Latin Christians

[New Time] Roundtable Discussion: On Civility

Herodotus Versus Thucydides?

Last Chance: The Essential Greeks

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Free Speech on Trial: From Socrates to Social Media

Do We Need Dress Codes?

Weekend Roundup

[Coming Soon] The Essential Greeks

The Fall of a Republic

What Caused the “Golden Age” of Athens?

The Golden Age of Athens

The Story of Thebes

Weekend Roundup

Sappho: The Lost Poetess

Origins of Latin Literature

Does Ancient Religious Philosophy MATTER?

Ebook: The Ancient Theologians

Should We Navel Gaze?

Weekend Roundup

Tolkien and the Classics

The Ancient Legacy of Manners and Civility

Roundtable Discussion: On Civility

Weekend Roundup

The Oresteia of Aeschylus

The Essential Greeks

Of Rule and Office: Plato's Ideas of the Political

What Makes a Hero a HERO?

Weekend Roundup

Secrets of the Sibyls

Oops! I did it again...

The Education of Cyrus the Great

Xenophon’s Cyrus the Great

On the Nature of the Gods: Cicero

Have We Lost Ritual in our Lives?

Weekend Roundup

Rituals and Religion

Propaganda in Death: The Long Lasting Effects of Augustus...

Age of Augustus

Should We Follow a Person’s Words... or Actions?

Weekend Roundup

How to Save Democracy

The Immortals

The Curse of Cassandra

The Myth of Atlantis

Should We Own Stuff?

Weekend Roundup

On Seneca: Anger, Fear, and Sadness

Sophocles' Swansong

A Modern Flâ the Acropolis of Lindos

The Story of Atlantis in Plato

What makes a good friend?

Weekend Roundup

Greece's Forgotten Legacy

In Nero's Image

The Ancient Novel

Can you REALLY be offended on behalf of someone else??

Weekend Roundup

Ancient Atomists

Apocalypse Now... Versus Apocalypse Then

Do you need to be Good to be a Good leader?

Weekend Roundup

Gods Vs Titans

The Mystery of Atlantis

Should We Be More Naked?

Weekend Roundup

Chariot Racing in the Ancient World

Aspects of Ariadne

The Mighty Minoans

The Mysterious Phaistos Disk

Weekend Roundup

James Joyce and the Classics

Odysseus in the Underworld

How “Dark” were the “Dark Ages”?

Does FIRST Matter Most?

Weekend Roundup

Aristotle on Luck

From Inside Petra

Jews in the Roman Bathhouse

Do We Need Passports? Or Borders?

Weekend Roundup

James Joyce's Ulysses

Roundtable Discussion: James Joyce and the Classics...with Sean Kelly

The Radical Jewish Philosopher

The History of the Jews

Why Read Modern Books?

Weekend Roundup

Dido: Queen of Carthage

The "Conversion" of Constantine?

The Life of Constantine

Sparta and… Scotland?

Weekend Roundup

Socrates' Wayward Student

Game Theory in the Ancient World

Jews in the Roman Bathhouse

Do You Listen Well?

Weekend Roundup

Artemisia of Caria

Who Was Horace?

Should We Follow Silly Laws?

Weekend Roundup

How to Celebrate the Love of Learning

The Two Trojan Wars

That Time Thebes Beat Sparta

Can We Choose NOT to Be Harmed?

Weekend Roundup


Ancient Virgins

Classical Wisdom Litterae: Virgins

Why Should We Care About Children?

Why Did Rome Fall?

Weekend Roundup

Ancient Greece's Master Sculptor

Is the "Three Hearted Poet" History's Greatest Loss?

12 Ancient Greek Terms that Should Totally Make a Comeback

Ancient Greek Dialects

Weekend Roundup

The Myth of the Minotaur

Aaron Smith on Aristotle and Ayn Rand

The Life of Marcus Aurelius

[Ebook] The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius VS Diogenes

Weekend Roundup

The First Biographers

[Video] Roundtable Discussion with Mary Naples

Events Listing

How Can We See Our Blindspots?

Weekend Roundup


To Discuss: The Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Juan Coderch on Translating Modern Texts to Ancient Languages

Meat: Moral or Murderous?

Weekend Roundup

Sophocles' Philoctetes

Roundtable Discussion: Mary Naples

Cult of the Captured Bride

Is Eating Meat Moral?

Weekend Roundup

How Extra Virgin Olive Oil Got its Name

The Times of Tyranny

The Spirituality of Seneca


Salome Alexandra:

Weekend Roundup

Stoicism and Buddhism

[Video] Roundtable Discussion with Myke Cole

What is the Value of Money?

Money, Gold, and the End of an Empire

Snakes in the Grass

Weekend Roundup

Important Notice

St. Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland

Is There Value in a Myth that isn't TRUE?

Ides of March: Not just a Stab Fest

The Gallic Wars: Ebook

Are Labels Inherently Wrong? Or Part of Life?

Weekend Roundup

How To Argue Like A Philosopher

The Power of Storytelling: Reference Section

Who Was Helen of Sparta?

How Can We Save Rational Discourse?

Weekend Roundup

First Do No Harm?

Righteous ANGER or Dedicated Spirit?

How to Say No: What Cynics Can Teach Us

Should We “Update” Old Texts?

Weekend Roundup

Herodotus: Father of History

Is the Spartan Image a LIE?

The Bronze Lie

Can We Stop the Hubris Syndrome?

Weekend Roundup

Ovid's Metamorphoses

What is Love?

The Eros Collection

Self-Love or Vanity?

A Great Way to Love Yourself

Weekend Roundup

The Ages of Ancient Greece

Alexander the Great

What’s the Limit of Caring?

Weekend Roundup

Why do we tell Stories?

Can You Stop a War with Frogs?


Do We Need the Police?

Weekend Roundup

Inspiration from Indiana Jones

The Most Absurd Deaths of the Ancient World?

Invitation to discussions on Plato, Aristotle and Euclid

Podcast with John K. Papadopoulos

How can we LET IT GO?

Weekend Roundup

Censorship and Social Media

Final Days of Socrates

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Wisdom for Future Minds

How Dr. King was inspired by the Classics...

Weekend Roundup

The Fight for the Female Voice?

Can We Preserve Classical Languages for Future Generations?

Free Speech on Trial: Socrates to Social Media

Ovid: Peace, Scandal and Immortality

Metamorphoses by Ovid

Are Women Funny?

Weekend Roundup

[Video Available] Roundtable Discussion

Perfect Time for the Two-Faced God: Janus

The KEY To Roman Comedy

Do You Have a Conscience???