Re: To literary-minded ‘Moderns’ (if we can be so contrasted with the ‘Ancients’)

Are you kidding us?

Just hilarious! Athenian generals, on campaign during the Peloponnesian War, would debate the meanings of the ancient plays. Anna Komnena, in one section of the Alexiad, quotes from Homer, the Old Testament and a couple of (now) lost plays of Sophocles or Euripides...all in one page.

Meanwhile your average 20 year old American now thinks Cleopatra was black, thanks to NETFLIX.

Who is the literary minded one?

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I don't think the contrast was between Moderns being 'literary-minded' versus Ancients... but rather just can we call ourselves Moderns compared to the Ancients. Indeed, it was a narrowing of the Moderns - those who are literary-minded.

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