Noble Lie = COVID-19 (and the synchronized response to it across the Western World).

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Pilate asked Jesus that same question: "What is truth?" His answer was that He was the Truth. "And in Him there was no falsehood." A lie can be convenient, but never noble.

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Noble Lies?

A lie to protect yourself or someone else in a heated moment can be a good thing. Noble lies on an individual level can be a very good thing...

However, when a NOBLE LIE, or a A COLLECTION of NOBLE LIES, becomes the norm than they will have a tendency to be corrupted and to bring corruption to those affected by them.

And when one also talks about so-called sacrificing for the 'common or the greater good' then one talks about FASCISM.

Religions such as christianism, or christianity, comes to mind. Millions were killed in the name of christianism, or christianity, since the time of Constantine. At first it was only the so-called pagans who were the victims, but then the christians turned on each other. After the 4th Century it was only NICENE CREED christianism, or christianity, that existed. Other creeds that managed to exist into the 4th Century CE were declared heresies before the end of that Century, with Arianism becoming one of the last of these other christianities to become completely illegal in 381 CE.

These type of so-called heresies were then persecuted into extinction, just like the pagans were...

All of these action claimed millions of lives...

There is nothing noble about a so-called white or noble lie on a corporate level. The world of religion is a good example.

Pieter J (PJ)

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No, the bad effects will always kick in at some point in time when all are revealed...

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Hmmmmm, Noble Lies. Like:

- Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve

- The Vaxx is Safe and Effective

-Lockdowns Work

-Masks Work

-Boosters Work

-Monkey Pox is not transmitted through homosexual activity

-Young People having serious heart issues and dropping like flies is totally normal

-The Inflation Reduction Act will reduce Inflation

Had enough? Because surely I can keep going.

Seeing a pattern yet about which political side pushes these "Noble Truths", almost exclusively?

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If one stops to think about it.

The Idea of Sin fits the definition of a Noble Lie

Thinking you can go against the Will of the Almighty would be sin to begin with wouldn't it ?

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The noble lie might even be well-intentioned initially, but it invariably gets twisted or corrupted, as Pieter put it. A small lie tends to justify another (perhaps also small) lie, and the cloud of lies gets larger. As well, once on that path, it's hard to get back to the Truth, especially given hope prone we are to the “confirmation bias.”

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