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Aug 16, 2022·edited Aug 16, 2022

If you actually read the Iliad you will see that Zeus Xenios is never mentioned. Only Menelaus speaks of an offense, and he undercuts himself with a double entendre on the verb to give hospitality/ to love. Achilles says that the Trojan spearman never injured him. The Oaths to Tyndareus (also never mentioned but definitely in the background), Agamemnon’s power, and Hera’s urging are the main reasons the Greeks came to Troy. The Iliad is not necessarily consistent with traditional Greek mythology and with the Odyssey — even if the same person wrote both epics.

Helen went with Paris willingly. She was Queen of Sparta by birth. Didn’t she have rights? In the Iliad there is no crime of Paris. Rather, as Menelaus tells the armies, there is a quarrel between two men.

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