Interesting how simular Greek mythology and the Old Testament are. Much is said about this from Philo of Alexadria.

Two things that struck me about the creation of man from Deuclian and his wife are so closely knitted to the Asia myth of Nuwa and Fuxi. After the deluge, they also threw rocks over thier shoulder to create mankind.

The other is the similarities of Zeus and YHWH. In the Canaanite version he is a storm God, associated with thunder and volcanos.

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Recent archaeological evidence indicates that the Black Sea was breached by the Mediterranean about 10,000 years ago as a result of an earthquake causing that entire area that the Black Sea encompasses to flood. Sonar and exploratory dives in the Black Sea have revealed dwellings, infrastructure and other things built by humans. Moreover, 10,000 years ago roughly corresponds with the beginnings of the Indo- European migrations which accounts for the sudden spread of that language family and accounts for many civilizations having a flood myth in their origin stories. I ❤️ history! 20+ year teacher here!

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