At 79 I try to absorb whatever truth or meaning there might be in both words and actions of serious people, with due respect for intent and insight and error, and consign the rest to the accidents of our human condition. As to Seneca, I think he is in some ways a modern person.

Best wishes to all, Charles L

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Aug 14, 2023Liked by Classical Wisdom

My $0.02 - whether actions or words are worth emulating and carrying forward should be evaluated independently. Just because someone special said them doesn’t make them any more viable, imo. Placing too much focus on the source of an idea/action rather than the idea/action itself is what creates cults of personality that distort the underlying reality. If whatever _____ says or does is thought to be perfect, that makes ______ a God more or less. I think we see this quite a bit of such cultish attitudes in modern politics unfortunately. Cheers

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