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Xenia adapted to modern America would be a blessing.

For me a close approximation of Xenia was walking the Camino de Santiago. Five hundred miles of Xenia by pilgrims, hosts and everyday citizens.

This, to me, is the best suggestion I have read.

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Dearest, dearest Anya...and all:

I’m glad that we Jews have survived almost as long as the dinosaurs… As some may believe. And perhaps some day we will make for some fine oil as well...for the next round of humans to come along, exploit and despoil the planet much as we, the Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists… Oh well… Or, should I say, “Oil well.” Oil well that ends.

Be prepared. The old Boy Scout motto. Goodness. Were they prepared for all those lawsuits? I don’t believe so. Not very scout-worthy.

Should I be embarrassed by my own cynicism? Why? I was “prepared” for it by centuries, indeed millennia of satire. (Thanks, so ever much, Lucian... There's a rumor they named samosas after you...) Based upon? Human behavior!

Let’s all cheerfully tell our neighbors, the Pakistanis, to be prepared for the next monsoons, why don’t we? Have your “go-to” bags at the ready, boys and girls! Keep an extra pair of socks dry! Don’t forget your peanut butter!

Oh, look! All the snow and ice on Mount Shasta in California has melted. Whooda thunkit? At least now we have all that extra water to sprinkle our cars and driveways for a few weeks. YAY!! And we get to climb to the top without snow boots. Aren’t they so terribly awful? Be prepared, though. Bring a parka from Patagonia, just in case…

Maybe instead our fluffy bones will be crushed into diamonds. Shine on, friends. Be prepared.

I'm prepared.

Hare hare

Alan Asnen, PhDuck

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Back in the years when the US & USSR we’re engaged in the “Cold war”, there was no defense against Nuclear attack. At that time, Bishop Sheen said the only defense against nuclear attack was the State of Grace. Fatalistic, true, but certainly a more realistic approach than taking cover under your desk in school.

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