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I feel evil has gained much ground, because individuals believe they are independent and not interdependent. Peace and love.

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I have seen numerous films from the early 20th century of urban settings. In those I must look closely to see anyone comparably as obese as I see today in America. In the mode 1970’s traveling in France I seldom saw obese French. Obesity was called “the American disease.” To claim that the current glut of obesity is a disease is an excuse for excess.

It seems, and only seems, that many people do not approve of standards because they set standards and those standards set acceptable behaviors. We can debate acceptable but there are standards that have been common over time and cultures.

Having spent thirty-four years in public health I have heard a universe of excuses for excesses that have led to death, disability, and prison.

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Without a cause other than ourselves to strive for, humans quickly become self absorbed in their independence. Society suffers culturally, spiritually, and the decay of family ensues.

Perception is reality, not reality itself. We need myths and leaders who will give us something to strive for other than individualism and self absorption. Whether on a National level or a personal one.

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When man understands he is inherently evil the practice of evil wanes. When he becomes convinced he is inherently good evil waxes exponentially.

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