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Who is "us"? The social communal construct of society or, more aptly, the Familia of blood and of common acquaintance.

Death is macabre, yet mysteriously an unknown that draws emotional attention to it's inevitability for the living. 'Day of the Dead' festivities are manifestations of human grief, the primal fear of death and the unknowing of what lies thereafter, the clash between the intellectual and the heart over the ego.

Death may well concern us, but for Moi it is a beginning as yet uncompleted. My near-death was not fearful. On the contrary, it was a wonder of emotional calm and intelligible peace I attribute to my life long curiosity of the intrigues of death's meaning and what transpires at the time thereof.

My wife says I sometimes wax philosophically with illogical and unintelligible babble. If this be the case, I have succumbed.

"Fear not death when upon you. Accept and embrace for it is an inevitable end before a new beginning."

All the best,

Darrell P Baker

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