Aristotle’s characteristics of sound money... a timely reminder of ancient wisdom given the mayhem in US banking right now. Got gold?

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Hallo there,

Labels are usually bad if one looks at PATRIARCHY in a general sense...

Racist/Fascist/RELIGIOUS labels concerning SUBHUMANS (like SINNERS, INFIDEL, UNBELIEVERS, K_F_RS, COCKROACHES -- like in the Rwandan Genocides and the like) have caused a lot of death and broken lives.

The opposite are also true -- to a certain extent. However, patriarchy isn't good for humanity as a whole...

It damages everyone. The indoctrination (manipulation) processes, which are forming the basis of patriarchy, are harmful to everyone, especially in a mental sense...

Labels can be extremely harmful, especially concerning children. If they must hear from their parents how useless they are, only once, than it scar them permanently -- and some are suffering such abuse every day for years...

Or they, the labels, can be very useful to build up someone.

If one has small children than one will -- most probably -- achieve unimaginable heights with one's own children by doing the opposite than what is being perpetrated in such households...

I have seen this happen...

Pieter J de Kooker (PJ)

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If all of nature, including human nature, consists of cycles, then the moment one labels one self or others because of one’s self judgement or judgment of others does not one deny, or attempt to deny nature, including human nature.

dennis hanna

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“But are they inherently helpful or harmful? Do they help us make sense and define our world? Or do they box people unfairly into categories?”


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